Apple car plans cancelled – end of project Titan

Apple car

Apple Cancels Plans to Build Own Car

It has just been announced that Apple car Plans cancelled, opting instead to focus on developing automotive technology.

Apple’s Project Titan has been a mystery for quite some time. No one was sure what exactly it was until earlier this year when news emerged that the brand was developing its own vehicle. People were sceptical about the announcement; however, many seemed excited about the possibility of there being an Apple car.

Unfortunately the brand had a change of heart, choosing not to peruse the project further. According the latest reports, the brand will instead focus on developing automotive technology that it will provide for manufacturers who are interested.

Whether the brand will work with a specific carmaker remains to be seen; however, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Apple made an agreement with a manufacturer for exclusive rights to the technology.

No one seems to know how far along the brand is in developing such tech, but if we know anything about Apple, it’s that the brand has always been able to deliver.

Having conquered the mobile technology market, the brand appears to have its sight set on taking on the automotive market. Some are sceptical about the whole thing, since Apple has no prior experience in the sector, but most remain optimistic, hoping that the brand will pull through and create something special.

Autonomous technologies are very popular at the moment, with multiple carmakers currently in the race to produce the first road legal driverless cars. The fact that Apple is attempting to enter the sector before it grows in popularity, shows that the brand has a lot of faith in the technology behind it.

Only time will tell what Apple will come up with, but it’s quite disappointing to learn that the brand will no longer be developing its own car.

What do you think about Apple cancelling its previous plans? Do you think the brand will be successful at developing automotive technology? Let us know your thoughts down below and don’t forget to return shortly for even more great content from Fast Cars UK.