Bulletproof BMW Z4


Don’t let the name fool you, the all-new Bulletproof BMW Z4 isn’t actually bulletproof. If the fact that it doesn’t have a roof or windows doesn’t give that away then perhaps the name of the company responsible for this beast of a vehicle will – Bulletproof Automotive.

In its standard for, the BMW Z4 is rather sensible and elegant-looking. There’s nothing extreme about it however it’s a solid vehicle that does exactly what it’s supposed to.

Bulletproof took something average and turned it into a true piece of art. So if you need one, you can sell your BMW and book Bulletproof version. To sell your old car you can use one of online car buyers such as “we buy any car” or trusted car buyers.

The vehicle has no roof, which alters the shape of its body completely. It also lacks windows whilst the windscreen has been replaced with a tiny aero screen.

Vehicles like this one aren’t really meant for road use however they are wonderful to look at. They’re designed to turn heeds and impress people rather than serve as a mere vehicle.

Thousands of one-off special edition are produced every year. Some are extreme, some are elegant whereas some are completely bonkers.

Vehicles produced by companies not associated with the brand tend to be a little more creative because they’re not restricted by any rules or guidelines. That’s the case with Bulletproof BMW Z4.

The vehicle is definitely unique and whether it’s actually safe to drive or not is not important. It’s exciting to look at, which is always nice.

Overall, Bulletproof BMW Z4 is a solid car that’s visually-pleasing and completely extreme. If future Bulletproof vehicles are even half as exciting as this one, we can’t wait to see them.