Genesis – Hyundai’s luxury brand


Genesis – Hyundai’s luxury brand to make UK debut in 2018

It has just been revealed that Hyundai’s new luxury brand Genesis will make its official UK debut in 2018.

Luxury and speed often go hand in hand. There’s just something enticing about a fast vehicle that’s also rather luxurious and good to look at. Fans of speed are often interested in the slightly more up-scale cars, which is why the two are a perfect fit.

There are plenty of luxury brands out there, some of which have been around for as long as the automotive industry itself. The likes of Rolls-Royce and Mercedes, to this day produce cars that offer a high level of elegance, class and style.

Earlier this year Hyundai announced its plans to introduce a new brand called Genesis. Focusing on luxury cars, the brand will arrive to the European market in 2018.

Although we don’t know a whole lot about the vehilces we can expect, it is believed that the focus for the European market will be luxury SUV’s.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you are already aware about the recent rise of SUV’s. They are more popular than ever before, and manufacturers are using that to their advantage.

Whether Genesis does well or not will entirely depend on what it has to offer. Luxury SUV’s are already on the market, so it is rather competitive. If any brand wants to make it big, it has to prove that it offers something extraordinary and special.

It’s up to Genesis and Hyundai to decide whether it does that with styling, or extravagant extras but it’s something it won’t be able to escape from.

With a scheduled launch date of 2018, Genesis is coming sooner rather than later. If you’re thinking about buying a luxury SUV from the brand, you might want to start thinking about looking for a car valuation, because you will have to sell your old car in order to afford it.

Prices won’t likely be low; however let’s not speculate any further until a formal announcement is made.

What are your thoughts on Genesis? Do you think Hyundai will manage to pull it off? Let us know what you think and come back soon for more articles from Fast Cars UK.