Last McLaren F1 on sale for £9.5 million

McLaren F1

If you’re a fan of McLaren, then now is your chance to own one of the last ever F1’s ever made. That is if you have a spare £10 million in your account. That’s right, it has just been announced that a McLaren F1 will be sold by the brand on behalf of its owner. Said to be worth around £9.5 million, the unique vehicle is one of the last of its kind to be produced back in 1998.

What makes this particular McLaren F1 even more special is the fact that since 1998, it has only travelled 2800 miles. It is very rare for such a well-preserved vehicle to appear on the market in the condition that it’s currently in.

Although, the £9.5 million price tag would normally sound insane, in this case, it’s understandable why the price is so high.

When it comes to unique vehicles, there’s always a high demand. Collectors and car enthusiasts will go to extreme lengths in order to get their hands on a vehicle they feel strongly about. In fact, the rarer the car, the more expensive it will be.

This is especially the case with classic cars. They’re in such high demand that some sell for extreme amounts of money. A number of Ferrari’s have sold for more than £20 million at auction, making them the most expensive vehicles in the world.

The McLaren F1 in question comes in Carbon Black with a black and red interior finish. It looks incredible and offers incredible performance together with fantastic appearance.

Under the bonnet, a naturally aspirated V12 engine, capable of producing 618bhp can be found, allowing the vehicle to reach a top speed of 240mph.

The speed will definitely appeal too many and, together with the car’s appearance, we expect the McLaren F1 to find an interested buyer.

Unfortunately, only one is available so if you’re interested you’ll have to hurry. The car is estimated to go for around £9.5 – £10million, however until it finally sells we won’t know for sure.

Are you excited about this great vehicle going on sale? Would you consider purchasing it if you had enough money? Tell us your thoughts and come back soon for more fun articles about fast cars from the UK. Read more car news at: Trusted Car Buyers blog