Mercedes-AMG GT R 2017 Review

Mercedes AMG IntroductionMercedes-AMG GT R

The Mercedes-AMG GT R is a production vehicle with the most implemented motorsport technology ever by Mercedes-AMG. As Mercedes is in the industry of selling unreal track ready cars with the extreme performance you can expect they have to exceed their rivals. Up against McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche and Audi, all racing pedigrees. Although, we can assume AMG has countless motorsport expertise and technology ready to be unleashed. Looking to get your hands on one of these? Going to cost you around £142,365. The price will depend on your spec mainly, and only 2000 made reportedly. One feature that many people have stated about the AMG GT R is it has a long bonnet. The engine is in the front and is pulling rather than pushing, but that’s what we can expect from the Mercedes-AMG GT R.Looking for a good place to sell your car visit trusted car buyers for free valuation.

Mercedes Design and Styling

Evil, Intimidating and ferocious is a good set of adjectives to describe what is like looking at this car. The GT R is 15kg lighter than the GT S, which is an advantage if you choose the carbon ceramic brakes. Also, the body is more extensive and comes along with a reinforced chassis which is more rigid. AMG has implemented features never seen before which increase performance, grip and handling. Mercedes carbon fibre wings extend the width of the car at the front and rear, which helps cover wider axle tracks. Additionally, there is carbon fibre used on the roof panel and other various places under the body and the bonnet which allows bracing the superstructure.

Inside of the Mercedes-AMG GT R is much like what you can expect inside of other GT’s when it comes to equipment and comfort. There is more Alcantara leather which looks very nice and is comfy. There are holes in the back of the seat for a four-point harness to thread through. Mercedes will set this up for you if you have the track pack option. The R remains very luxurious in the hardcore sports car concept that is. The driving position is good, as well as the passengers.The visibility is fine besides the long bonnet but its still okay. It allows you to sit low if you wanted too. The steering wheel is manually adjustable. Included with neatly polished paddles that turn with the wheel.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Performance

The Mercedes-AMG GT R loaded with a twin-turbocharged V8. If you’re looking for a loud crackle and rumble any V8 noise, you can imagine from this beast.The exhaust notes that come out of this car are unreal. Crackles with enthusiasm, even when changing dynamic modes just changes the sound. AMG has provided this car with 585bhp, which allows it to reach a top speed of 198mph. 0-62 in 3.6 with a petrol engine and 20-inch alloys.

There are many different dynamic modes which all affect the car differently. A well noticeable feature that many people like is the rear axle steering. This leads us to believe that when steering into the corner it grips and benefits a lot better. Moreover, because of the way to car engine is laid out gives the car a different feel but the rear axle helps massively with this.

SummaryMercedes-AMG GT R

Overall, the Mercedes-AMG GT R is well-produced super/hypercar released my Mercedes. They implemented a lot new motorsport features that they have been hiding which benefit them in all areas. Another feature that changes it up a bit is that the car is pulling instead of pushing which gives it a different feel.The price is high, but you’re going to have to stomach to 20mpg. Only 2000 will be made of this beast but are worth it. The look of the car is spectacular with its substantial front end.All inside is comfortable with Alcantara leather. The dynamic modes are one of the favourites as it changes the noise and how the car operates. The V8 is vast although not naturally aspirated still sounds excellent alongside twin-turbos.