MG MGB (1962-1980)


Here at Fast Cars UK we are passionate about fast cars. Although, that’s what we’ve mainly focused on in the last couple of months, we’re going to mix things up a little by looking at some slightly less extreme British sports cars. The car that we are going to look at today is the MG MGB. Launched in 1962 as a soft-top roadster, a number of different versions of the car emerged throughout its production run, most of which were only available in limited quantities.

What made the car stand out was its innovative and modern design. The brand managed to create something unique at a time when sports cars were growing in popularity and competitors were many.

The MGB featured a quite sleek and sporty look that had a unique aesthetic to it. On top of that, the vehicle offered a great driving experience for which its excellent performance was responsible.

All of the MGB’s came with a BMC B-Series engine, apart from the V8 version. Each engine had something different to offer but, although they shared a number of components, each was unique. This gave customers the opportunity to choose the engine best suited to their personal needs and circumstances.

The car changed greatly throughout the years, however its overall aesthetic remained true to the original.

In 1965, the MGB GT was introduces. Although it shared its aesthetic with the original roadster, the vehicle sported slightly different styling. Other versions of the MGB to have appeared on the market throughout the car’s production run included the MGC, MGB GT V8 and MG RV8.

Whereas the standard MGB was produced on a mass scale, each of the other versions experienced a limited production run resulting in less units being produced overall.

The MG MGB was quite a successful car that looked interesting and offered something unique. It probably wasn’t the most innovative sports car ever produced, however it did offer a lot, therefore it has definitely earned its ‘classic’ status.

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